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Dentures are used to replace anything from one missing tooth to a full set of teeth and in many cases are the best option for certain situations.

The bases for the dentures can be made of either metal or acrylic. Generally we need a few strategically placed teeth to provide neat metal dentures. These have the benefit that they can be removed easily for daily cleaning. They sometimes require a little bit of tooth preparation in order to achieve the best design, but this preparation is minimal and not detrimental to the tooth.

When there are insufficient teeth left to help retain the metal based dentures we can provide acrylic dentures. These can give a very natural appearance and if teeth were lost a long time ago, they help support the lips and cheeks properly.

We like to see our denture patients who have any teeth for regular inspections which we tailor to the individual. For patients who have no remaining teeth we like to see them annually to ensure their mouth is healthy and that the dentures are still fitting correctly.

If you require new dentures then please contact our reception to arrange an appointment for a full mouth assessment. We will then happily discuss your options and provide details of costs. We provide NHS and Private dentures.

What is the difference between NHS and Private dentures? NHS dentures use a standard construction technique and tooth type. The extra cost for private dentures reflects the extra time required, both in the surgery and laboratory, to satisfy your requirements for greater detail in the construction and choice of tooth type.

Full lower dentures are not as stable as full upper dentures and most patients complain of movement when eating. This happens because the lower jaw only has a horseshoe shaped ridge to balance the denture on and the tongue and lips exert forces on the denture which can destabilise it. There is now the possibility of significantly improving patients’ quality of life by stabilising lower dentures with 2 implants. The implant retained over denture has two small inserts fitted to the under surface which clip onto 2 small implant studs. For more information please refer to our dental implant pages or book an appointment to discuss your individual options.

Replacement Dentures

If you require replacement dentures we can help. Call our reception on 01292 263550 for an appointment.

Firstly, we will need to examine your mouth in order to ensure that you have no other issues that need attention. Once we are happy, we will make you appointments to for your new dentures. Normally 4 or 5 appointments are required at weekly intervals.

Denture Repairs

We are fortunate to have our own denture laboratory and technician on site. Repairs can often be sorted without needing to see the dentist. Please call in to reception where our staff will be happy to advise you.

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