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How we work?

We advise all patients to register as a NHS patient with our practice.

The NHS dental service is a 3rd party provider in healthcare terms – you are the 1st party, the practice is the 2nd party and the NHS is the 3rd party. This means that some or all of your dental treatment is subsidised by central government:

Full subsidy – All under-26 years of age, expectant and nursing mothers and those receiving certain benefits e.g. pension credit.

Part subsidy – Everybody who is not in one of the categories above.  NHS subsidy is currently 20%. That means you pay 80% of your dental fees for NHS treatment carried out.

This is a generous subsidy and NHS dental practices also have a larger framework of services to call upon to improve your care, for example, the Emergency Dental Service organised by NHS Ayrshire and Arran for out-of-hours emergency care.

So what is the catch? There are 2 catches:

1.    Some treatments are not available in the NHS list of treatments

  • White fillings in back teeth
  • All ceramic crowns and inlays on back teeth
  • Dental implants
  • Cosmetic Tooth Whitening
  • Time barred treatments

2.    They set the fees and the conditions for you to receive treatment. You can be declined treatment if it is thought to be solely for appearance.

The NHS Dental Service has provided universal access to dental care from its beginnings in the 1940s. It provides a large range of services however there are exclusions and alternatives that we think you should be aware of. If there are options available for your dental care, we will outline and explain these to you to allow you to make an informed choice as to how you wish to proceed.

Dentures – NHS dentures are functional denture with acceptable appearance. If you want a more cosmetic type of tooth on your denture then this has to be provided privately.

Download Current NHS and Private Patient Charges

NHS or Private: What is the difference?

Some treatments, as mentioned, are not available in the NHS list of services.
Some alternatives may provide you with a better material, perhaps with more durability or improved appearance.

Some treatments require more time.

Our aim is to provide you with enough information for you to make an informed decision. If you are unsure of what we are proposing, then PLEASE ask your dentist or any member of staff. We will not be offended.

When do I pay for my treatment?

We ask for all accounts to be settled at the end of treatment, at your last appointment.

For larger treatment plans, we may ask for payment to be made in stages as your treatment proceeds. If so, we will inform you.

We accept payment by cash, cheques, debit and credit cards. You will be given a receipt for any payments made.