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Case Studies


cerec beforeBefore: metal fillings.

cerec afterAfter: cerec onlays restoring the natural colour and shape to improve this smile.

Cerec Crowns

cerec crowns 1Before: older metal crowns with dark edges spoiling this smile.

cerec crowns 2Stage 1: crowns replaced with all ceramic metal free CEREC crowns.

cerec crowns 3After: natural smile restored.

Cosmetic Dentistry - Crowns

crowns beforeBefore: poor appearance of existing crowns and fillings.

crowns afterAfter: improved appearance following all ceramic restorations.

Cosmetic Dentistry - Simple Fillings

fillings 1Before: poor appearance due to old style white fillings.

fillings 2After: improved lustre from modern bonded filling materials producing a high gloss finish.

Dental Implant Treatment

implant 1Before: poor smile, teeth missing from birth and poor denture appearance.

implant 2After: happy smiling patient following implant treatment and no need for denture.


dentures 1Before: unhappy with smile and unhappy with eating.

dentures 2After: much improved smile and greater comfort when eating.

Smile Design

smile design 1Before: poor smile due to colour, shape and shade asymmetry.

smile design 2Stage 1: uniform restorations restoring harmony and symmetry to smile.

smile design 3After: Happy patient.

Tooth Surface Loss

tooth surface loss 1Before: worn teeth with spacing and poor shape made this patient seek our help.

tooth surface loss 2After: teeth restored to original proportions turning back the years and allowing the patient to smile with confidence.

Tooth Whitening

tooth whitening 1Before: presenting smile showing discolouration.

tooth whitening 2Stage 1: whitening completed and ready for crown shade change.

tooth whitening 3After: Finished crown matched to new tooth colour.

Veneers and Crowns

venners and crowns 1Before: varying types of tooth wear and damage which required a combination of treatments to restore harmony.

venners and crowns 2After: smile restored with crowns and veneers to produce a uniform functional smile.