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Dental technology is advancing at an alarming rate. At our practice we are committed to investing in modern equipment to ensure that you have the benefit from this new technological era.

xraysHere are just some examples of technology we use:-

Digital x-rays

We have used the Denoptix digital x-ray system since 1998. Digital x-rays require less radiation to create the x-ray image which reduces the radiation dose for the patient. We can show you enlarged x-rays on a screen to give you greater insight and understanding of what you may require. On an environmental note, we no longer require to dispose of the chemicals used for processing the traditional films.

apexApex locator

During root canal treatment, we need to measure the internal length of your tooth. Previously we used x-rays for this. An apex locator is an electronic device that provides us with a more accurate method of measuring your teeth. Greater accuracy means less post treatment discomfort and greater success. Not only is it more accurate, it further reduces the need for x-rays.


Modern dentistry is a high precision environment, consequently we undertake most treatments under magnification by wearing dental loupes.


CEREC CAD/CAM is the modern aesthetic way of restoring your teeth to their natural beauty. See our CEREC page for more information


Our practice is fully computerised with all records and x-rays stored electronically. Our systems comply with Data Protection and our staff are fully compliant with our data protection policy and code of confidentiality. We also use SMS text reminders to remind patients of their appointments.