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Tooth Surface Loss

Tooth surface loss is a multifactorial process which results in loss of tooth structure to varying degrees.

At your inspection we will examine for the signs of tooth surface loss and provide you with advice to prevent the problem from getting worse and to the point where intervention is required.

Signs of tooth surface loss:
Abrasion – this is usually the result of overzealous brushing/scrubbing action and mainly occurs on the tooth surface at the gum line.
Erosion – this is usually the result of too much acid in the diet or reflux of acid from the stomach. We will investigate the cause of the erosion and advise accordingly.
Abfraction – this is a bite problem which can result in wear loss of tooth structure at the gum line. We will assess if we can correct this or if monitoring is best.
Wear – night grinding is a common problem. The provision of a simple nightguard can prevent further tooth damage.

Our main philosophy with tooth surface loss is to diagnose early and provide information to prevent the problem from getting worse.

If however, Tooth Surface Loss has been undiagnosed or untreated and has led to sensitive or unsightly teeth we can correct this with an individualised treatment plan. If you have any concerns regarding tooth surface loss then please contact reception for an examination.

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