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Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a simple method of improving the appearance of your teeth. No method will alter the colour of fillings and crowns.

The only way to change the colour of fillings and crowns is to replace them.

We recommend a systematic approach to whitening.

  • Good Oral Hygiene -Obviously teeth that are regularly cared for will maintain their natural colour better. Sometimes a clean up with our hygienist is all that is required.
  • Whitening toothpastes are becoming more effective in lifting stain and if used long term can produce a good result. Experiment with different brands until you find the one that works.
  • Whitening Gels – Custom made trays that fit your teeth correctly and the correct pharmaceutical grade of whitening gel will lift the shade of your teeth to a lighter appearance.

Free assessment

A pre-treatment assessment is carried out by your dentist to ensure your mouth is healthy. We can also advise you what change in shade can be expected in your particular case and which is the best option for you. There is no charge for this service. For more information contact the practice.

Home Teeth Whitening – Tray Whitening

Custom made trays constructed to fit over teeth. Professional whitening gel supplied for daily treatment. The trays are worn with the gel every day for up to 2 hours. After 4-12 weeks your teeth will have lightened to their potential. Periodically the trays can be worn with gel to top up the colour. Further gel can be purchased separately for this.
Cost £250 includes a set of custom trays and 9 syringes of gel.

Internal/External Whitening

You may have just one dark discoloured tooth due to previous trauma. These teeth can be whitened individually using a combination of internal and external whitening. Internal whitening involves placing the bleaching gel on the inside of the tooth to lighten the tooth from the inside out. This can be done in tandem with external whitening which involves placing the bleaching gel on the outside of the tooth to whiten from the outside in. The discoloured tooth will have to be root filled in order to be suitable for this technique.
Once the darkened tooth has reached the shade of your other teeth you can then proceed to full mouth whitening if desired.
Cost £320 per treatment

Tetracycline Staining

Tetracycline antibiotics were occasionally used to treat childhood illnesses. A side effect was that the adult teeth developed with a dark banded appearance. Tray whitening can be used to lighten these teeth and reduce the prominence of the bands. This procedure can take up to 6 months (sometimes longer) to achieve the desired result as tetracycline stained teeth are particularly resistant to bleaching. However the procedure is simple, non-invasive and excellent results can be achieved.
Cost from £250 for initial at home whitening kit.

View our Tooth Whitening photo gallery.

Legal Issues relating to Whitening
All treatment is carried out by dental professionals registered with the General Dental Council. It is the view of the General Dental Council that those not qualified and registered with them should not carry out such treatment. Furthermore many systems used in beauty salons or bought over the counter contain chemicals that can permanently damage the enamel of teeth. All the systems we use have been researched and found to be safe.